Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Love Her Style: Jessica Alba

My long-standing girl crush on Jessica Alba has come to fruition in this post, which will see me drooling over various clothes she puts on her amazing body, and generally make me look like I'm in love with her! I'm pretty sure I first self-diagnosed myself with Alba-itis when I saw 'Honey' (and those abs), which was obviously every teenage girl in the noughties' favourite film - that and Mean Girls (duh). Ever since then I've noticed Jessica's street style cred get better and better, and I'm definitely not alone. Her selfless contribution to best-dressed lists worldwide has enabled her to achieve the current hardcore girl crush status she has!

Starting off with my favourite look of hers, Jessica caught everyone's eye when she left a Ralph Lauren show in a candy pink midi skirt, cropped black jumper and strappy sandals. Her simple up-do, sparkly earrings and nude lip accessorise this look into the next level of best-dressed lists. Looking like America's sweetheart, never has the word perfection been so well personified!?

Next is total girlish charm in this asymmetrical black top, floral skater skirt and boots combo. Complete tomboy schoolgirl chic, she still looks like she means business with her folder and iPhone to boot. 

 Yep. Then there's the body. Just let this one sink in for a while. Totally cute bikini too, by the way.

This look is so easy and understated, but Jessica can pull off just about anything and make it look ridiculously good. Over-sized scarves are something of her trademark, and this casual bad girl outfit is so cool, and very easy to recreate! Black and grey are the subtle grungy tones of the look, but her lime Birkin adds a pop of colour, and those heavy studs add the fashion edge.

This look is so great for its simplicity, and is useful as outfit inspiration for work, going shopping or going out for dinner. On-trend neon peach makes this look stand out, but keeps the rest totally simple with a white shirt, dark jeans and nude wedges.

Yep, there it is again. She even looks fantastic at the beach (unlike some of us, who tend to be frizzy-haired, red-faced horror stories with a patchy burn) with a fringed turquoise kimono, straw hat and minimalist jewellery.

I love this. Powder blue and black combine in one serious working woman floral get up. So professional and stylish at the same time. *Googles floral trousers*

More down days are spent in comfy fabrics with more over-sized scarves to keep it casual and cosy. A palette of white and beige lets her olive skin and brunette locks do the talking as she looks bright, fresh and relaxed.

Which of these is your favourite look? Whose style are you loving lately?!


Saturday, 28 February 2015

Fashion Week Round Up: New York A/W '15/'16

I'm a teeny tiny bit late in getting round to this, but I feel compelled to cover the fashion weeks properly for A/W '15/'16! New York fashion week ended with a bang thanks to Marc Jacobs on 19th February, and it did not disappoint. There was an overwhelming sexy/modern/working-woman vibe, accessorised by a hell of a lot of dark furs and tartan prints. Monochrome looks took over in all kinds of textures from leather to satin, and the odd splash of tangerine, royal blue or plum added zing to what was really a macabre, vamp-y sexual feel! You were either in tribe hourglass or tribe masculine, with Prabal Gurung flashing us some serious thigh, to the Olsens showing us exactly how to do androgyny. One thing is for certain, New York's winter woman means business.

I've rounded up my favourite looks from some of the collections (which was so hard as there were some shows that had it all going on and more - looking at you Zac) and I've attempted to pick looks that show off the season's vibe, summed up that collection in particular, and really said what New York wanted you to hear. Listen up.

Tommy Hilfiger celebrates 30 years with
sporty-sister-meets-Blair Waldorf vibes.

Feminine masculinity as seen at Vera Wang.

Alek Wek looking like a goddess in Zac Posen. 

Ralph Lauren makes brown look like the only colour I need. Perfection.

The Row favours masculine, simple and expensive looks.
Those girls love a velvet mule!

Oh hey, Donna Karan. *drools* 

Prabal Gurung gives us some winter sunshine.

Marc Jacobs vamps it up.

Rodarte's women are strong, sexy and sizzling.
This was one of those shows that makes you want to buy
everything, and be the woman wearing it too!

Which collections are you loving?!


Images: Vogue

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Perfume Collection - Latest Additions!

I've been lucky enough to receive some of my most lusted-after perfumes over the past year or so and haven't yet featured them yet, so consider this a mini perfume collection update! Perfume is one of my favourite genres of beauty (if 'beauty' were to have actual genres), and I actually feel undressed if I forget to put it on in a morning! It's the perfect last layer to an outfit, and I pretty much splash a fragrance on for any occasion (even dog walking!). Ok, let's get straight to it before I start waffling...

Vera Wang 'Princess'

First up is Vera Wang's 'Princess'. This beauty has actually been around since 2006, but has already fast-become a modern classic within the tween/young adult market especially, and has provided numerous spin-offs such as 'Princess Flower', 'Princess Night', 'Glam Princess', and most recently 'Princess Power'. I was gifted this 100ml bottle for my birthday last month - I think it'll last for several more years! The original fragrance is a lightweight, day scent of an overwhelming floral aroma, with notes of waterlily, pink guava and chiffon vanilla. It's marketed very much at the glamorous youth of today, and I really love the bottle shape and how the cap is a cute little crown! The main upside to 'Princess' is how wearable this is all year round, and the only downside I found is that its staying power is somewhat lacking disappointingly!

Marc Jacobs 'Daisy'

Secondly, is Marc Jacobs 'Daisy'. An indisputable classic, this fragrance has been around even less time than 'Princess' and was launched in 2007. I actually received this last Christmas, but this was my absolute go-to perfume in spring and summer this year. Unless you've not read a magazine in seven years, you'll have undoubtedly seen the adverts of natural, earthy-looking carefree models rolling around in grassy daisy fields with a huge version of the bottle in their arms - the bottle design is definitely one of the most recognised in today's perfume market. 'Daisy' has notes of wild strawberries, violet and white woods accord composing its light, youthful, floral scent. One of my favourites, and actually has the exact same pros and cons as 'Princess'!

DKNY 'Golden Delicious'

Next is a version of DKNY's 'Be Delicious', in the form of  'Golden Delicious' which came out quite recently in 2011. (You can also see me in the reflection a little! Hello!) I also received this for Christmas 2012, and it copies the original 'Be Delicious' bottle in the shape of an apple, which I think is so cute in a completely girly way. I have to say firstly that this is sitting at the front of my dresser right now, and has been for some time as I tend to wear this most days of late! This has so many plus points behind it that I can't really find any faults. It's perfect for day-to-night wear, the scent has perfect longevity throughout the day, and is wearable all year round. I also love that this scent is quite unusual and isn't one that everyone has or recognises. There are notes of orange flower, rose and sandalwood making up this fruity, floral fragrance. 

Britney Spears 'Radiance'

Now...this next one you might curl your nose up at - but no prejudice! This is Britney Spears' 'Radiance' perfume, and whilst the bottle might not lend itself to marketing the fragrance very well, I absolutely love this scent! The bottle is kind of sweet, and is meant to be 'bejewelled' (hence 'Radiance'...obvs) and this was amazingly cheap for 100ml of fragrance which is actually eau de parfum as well! This actually has a longer staying power than the previous 'Princess' and 'Daisy', and has been created under the Elizabeth Arden brand so the fact that it is good quality doesn't come as too much of a surprise. It's one of her more recent ones having been released in 2010, and is comprised of red berries, tuberose and amber notes. This is great day-to-night fragrance as well, and is very easy to splash on in a morning!

What are some of your favourite fragrances? Do you have any of these too?


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A cheeky MAC visit..!

Hey, I happened to recently acquire some new MAC goodies I have to show off (obvs)! I only bought two things (such self-restraint) but they're two products I really love..

Firstly is the lipstick. I wasn't really setting out to purchase a new lipstick as I'm not a massive lip colour person, and much prefer a nude lip, WHICH it turns out, is why this product suits me so well! It's exactly the kind of thing I was after, but without knowing it. It's a 'glaze' variety lipstick called 'Hue' and is just a pale baby/nude pink, but as it's a glaze, it applies very sheer and also quite shiny. This is perfect for me as I usually just use the tiniest amount of foundation on my lips (as they are naturally so red) and this lipstick adds a lovely moisturising finish to my everyday look! See the swatch and on-the-lips look below..

Next up is this beautiful shimmer blush named 'Trace Gold'. It's not my first shimmer blush I've had from MAC, but I was excited to try out a new colour. This adds a subtle glow and a nice sheen to my cheeks without being too overpowering (unlike the mineralize skinfinishes). I tried to get a good picture of it on my cheeks but just couldn't get the lighting quite right! This can be applied subtly or built up to create a more dramatic look. I know a lot of people prefer a shimmer blush in the evenings, but this is just right for creating that glowing day time look and is very easy to wear! It looks a lot more shimmery in real life than in this picture (lighting issues!).

What do you think of shimmer blushes and/or a nude lip? Are you a super fan of MAC like myself?!


Tuesday, 30 September 2014

PFW - Focus: Chloé

Deep breaths. Paris Fashion Week is holding up to be my favourite week of Fashion Month! It has all I wanted and more, from the castaway elegance of Chloé (squeal), to the luxury sophistication of Celine. Some of my all-time fashion brands are French, and S/S '15 did not disappoint!

This post focuses on my ultimate fav Chloé (title was a giveaway I'm sure) and I've rounded up the looks I love the most, and the ones that also sum up the collection and its vibe this season. Sadly, Chloé's founding lady Gaby Aghion passed away at age 93 a day before the collection premiered, and it was rightfully dedicated to her.

This beautiful broderie-anglaise creation could possibly sum up Chloé in one outfit. It's carefree, youthful, classic and simple, and was the star attraction of the show. WANT. 

Then it got a bit darker. There were also a few grey numbers and some other black looks too, but I thought this tunic/skirt was dramatic and elegant and I loved the potentially sexy button down skirt with lace up sandals. Like Chloé's older, brooding sister I guess.

Classic 70s-esque Chloé returns in the form of muted suede mustard jacket/short combos. It actually looks a lot better than it sounds. There was also a more vibrant, billowing mustard dress which enhanced this vibe, too. Lace up sandals appear to be the shoe of the season according to Clare Waight Keller. 

 This is the epitome of how cool and chic I desire to look when on holiday, and the exact opposite of what I end up looking like in 30 degree heat. I love the models they choose, and the simple hair and makeup Chloé do for their looks. I know it sounds so boring, but it's become such a key element of their branding now, and adds to the whole innocent farm-girl-meets-city-slicker vibe. 

The double denim was a theme I couldn't omit from a Chloé round-up post. I was a bit put off when I first saw these looks, but I'm now coming around to them. Denim is such a good fabric, and so comfortable, just awkward to make look good if not in jean form. The only colours I missed out from including in this post were a rich coppery-tan dress and some evergreen numbers, which also billowed in the catwalk breeze. 

Which is your favourite look? What do you think of Chloé as a brand?


Thursday, 4 September 2014

Reload & Ripped Jeans

So. It has been a while.

But it's good to be back! I miss blogging and it's definitely time to start doing things I love again. I had some time away from it again (for no reason in particular apart from life) but I feel like now is the right time to enjoy writing again. 

To kick things off..

It's technically autumn now. It's slowly getting chillier outside every morning. The shops are already bursting with their autumn collections ready for vulnerable, big-eyed clothes obsessives like myself to delve further into that overdraft/add a bit more to that pesky visa bill.
BUT - the one thing that is everywhere is the modern girl's best friend - denim. It's having a moment, and so am I. I was made for the 90s fashion come back that is happening right now!

I am in love with ripped jeans, but am yet to find that perfect pair anywhere! I'm obsessed with their easy cool vibe and how showing that little bit of thigh in the right place can be just the right amount of skin for autumnal English daily life. Anything that is comfortable to wear and on-trend has got to be a winner, right? (I'm looking at you, crop tops.)

Also on the hot list are boyfriend jeans. Again, I am yet to find a perfect pair (although Topshop were so close!). Best of all is obviously to combine both trends in one pair. Again, even easier to wear than the standard ripped skinny; boyfriend jeans are ridiculously old school cool but you can add that modern twist with a slouchy loose knit jumper/Ray-Bans/midi rings. Worn here with a (albeit studded) strappy shoe has the 90s tween inside me squealing with excitement. Recycled fashion is the best because of the memories a trend can carry (although if my mother comments how she has "several pairs of those somewhere still" once more, I might reconsider).

Do you love the ripped jeans/boyfriend jeans trend? 
What're your perfect pair of jeans? (And where did you get them?!) 


Tuesday, 9 April 2013


I feel like I haven't had time for any of my usual activities in the past couple of weeks, blogging definitely included.. I don't understand why because nothing has been that different! I suppose I haven't really had time to myself, to just check all those boxes. I was walking to my car yesterday evening, absolutely exhausted, and there was a really eerie feeling about the weather.. the wind was a swirling one that kind of stirred all the branches in the upper echelons of the trees and whipped your hair about your face, and the sky was a sunny sort of grey - the kind that looks like something is brewing, casting a peculiar light everywhere. It got me wondering if even the weather is sick of itself, and as if Spring is fighting a battle with a very stubborn Winter, trying to push its way through! I can't remember an Easter time so cold as this one has been. Everyone is more than ready for a Summery shift, hell, even a Spring-y shift will more than do to banish everyone's moods! So, the eternal British question remains - what exactly are you supposed to wear when you cannot stand the sight of another knitted jumper, winter coat or pair of boots but the weather is an ever-resilient 6 degrees celsius? Well, to be quite honest, I've been wearing whatever the heck I want - and paying the price. I can't remember when I last arrived somewhere from walking and wasn't shocking pink from the cold! This may all sound absolutely ridiculous, but I'm beyond caring anymore. Give my my over-sized tees, leather jacket and ballet flats! Hand me my sunglasses, fake tan and lacy tops! I am a British girl sick of the British weather! It really makes me wonder how everyone hasn't just emigrated entirely from places much colder than this all year round. So, enough of the rant-like tone that definitely wasn't intentional but is definitely present...Spring is here. Because I say so. Warmth will return to my limbs, eventually.