Monday, 21 January 2013

Benefit 'Ultra Plush' Lip Gloss Review / Swatches

This post is about Benefit's 'Ultra Plush' lip gloss range. I received a gift set with all six glosses in for Christmas, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do a post about them! I think Benefit have a reputation for doing amazing lip glosses so I was excited to try these as soon as I opened them! Benefit have matched the colours of the glosses to their famous 'Box o' Powders' which I think is a great idea as people love Benefit's powders and the different colours/textures of each one, so now they can buy the gloss to match their favourite! There's 'Dandelion' (soft pearly pink), 'Dallas' (dusty rose), 'Sugarbomb' (shimmering pinky nude), 'Coralista' (sheer coral), 'Bella Bamba' (sheer bright watermelon), and 'Hoola' (shimmering golden nude). I've tried all the powders previously and my favourite is either 'Coralista' or 'Sugarbomb', so I was interested to see how well the glosses matched and how they came out. I'm not sure this specific gift set is available anymore as it may just have been for Christmas, but the glosses are all available to buy individually for £13.50/15ml online and at counters. I love the size of the miniatures as it makes them perfect for fitting in my everyday makeup bag or in a clutch on a night out! First impressions were that they apply well, aren't too sticky or heavy, and are a good match for their powder counterparts! I'm most impressed by 'Coralista' for being true to the powder, however I was surprised by how pink 'Dallas' was as I expected it to be far more of a dark bronze, but I actually love the colour itself! My favourite turned out to be 'Dandelion' as it was just such a gorgeous shimmery nude colour with amazing shine that I thought would be so versatile. The application isn't by a wand but straight from the squeezable tubes by the custom applicator which makes it less precise than a wand, but I love how the applicator is angled which makes them less fussy and easy to apply. Overall, I was very impressed as I expected to be with Benefit and love that I have a few new shades of lip gloss I didn't already own! Definitely pick one up if you were thinking of buying one - 'Sugarbomb' is a great light pink for spring! 

Have you tried any of the 'Ultra Plush' glosses? Which is your favourite?!


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