Sunday, 30 November 2014

Perfume Collection - Latest Additions!

I've been lucky enough to receive some of my most lusted-after perfumes over the past year or so and haven't yet featured them yet, so consider this a mini perfume collection update! Perfume is one of my favourite genres of beauty (if 'beauty' were to have actual genres), and I actually feel undressed if I forget to put it on in a morning! It's the perfect last layer to an outfit, and I pretty much splash a fragrance on for any occasion (even dog walking!). Ok, let's get straight to it before I start waffling...

Vera Wang 'Princess'

First up is Vera Wang's 'Princess'. This beauty has actually been around since 2006, but has already fast-become a modern classic within the tween/young adult market especially, and has provided numerous spin-offs such as 'Princess Flower', 'Princess Night', 'Glam Princess', and most recently 'Princess Power'. I was gifted this 100ml bottle for my birthday last month - I think it'll last for several more years! The original fragrance is a lightweight, day scent of an overwhelming floral aroma, with notes of waterlily, pink guava and chiffon vanilla. It's marketed very much at the glamorous youth of today, and I really love the bottle shape and how the cap is a cute little crown! The main upside to 'Princess' is how wearable this is all year round, and the only downside I found is that its staying power is somewhat lacking disappointingly!

Marc Jacobs 'Daisy'

Secondly, is Marc Jacobs 'Daisy'. An indisputable classic, this fragrance has been around even less time than 'Princess' and was launched in 2007. I actually received this last Christmas, but this was my absolute go-to perfume in spring and summer this year. Unless you've not read a magazine in seven years, you'll have undoubtedly seen the adverts of natural, earthy-looking carefree models rolling around in grassy daisy fields with a huge version of the bottle in their arms - the bottle design is definitely one of the most recognised in today's perfume market. 'Daisy' has notes of wild strawberries, violet and white woods accord composing its light, youthful, floral scent. One of my favourites, and actually has the exact same pros and cons as 'Princess'!

DKNY 'Golden Delicious'

Next is a version of DKNY's 'Be Delicious', in the form of  'Golden Delicious' which came out quite recently in 2011. (You can also see me in the reflection a little! Hello!) I also received this for Christmas 2012, and it copies the original 'Be Delicious' bottle in the shape of an apple, which I think is so cute in a completely girly way. I have to say firstly that this is sitting at the front of my dresser right now, and has been for some time as I tend to wear this most days of late! This has so many plus points behind it that I can't really find any faults. It's perfect for day-to-night wear, the scent has perfect longevity throughout the day, and is wearable all year round. I also love that this scent is quite unusual and isn't one that everyone has or recognises. There are notes of orange flower, rose and sandalwood making up this fruity, floral fragrance. 

Britney Spears 'Radiance'

Now...this next one you might curl your nose up at - but no prejudice! This is Britney Spears' 'Radiance' perfume, and whilst the bottle might not lend itself to marketing the fragrance very well, I absolutely love this scent! The bottle is kind of sweet, and is meant to be 'bejewelled' (hence 'Radiance'...obvs) and this was amazingly cheap for 100ml of fragrance which is actually eau de parfum as well! This actually has a longer staying power than the previous 'Princess' and 'Daisy', and has been created under the Elizabeth Arden brand so the fact that it is good quality doesn't come as too much of a surprise. It's one of her more recent ones having been released in 2010, and is comprised of red berries, tuberose and amber notes. This is great day-to-night fragrance as well, and is very easy to splash on in a morning!

What are some of your favourite fragrances? Do you have any of these too?


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