Thursday, 7 February 2013

Spring Fashion Haul!

The high street is bursting with new season clothes and accessories now, and it's definitely a welcome change to my wardrobe! Even though the weather is staying resiliently below 5°C, I think there's no need to stay stuck in winter fashion-wise. Sometimes, when you're having a down day or feeling low, I think a new piece of clothing can really brighten up your mood and make you feel so much better (even if it is a fleeting feeling) and I love the transformation clothes and accessories can have on someone. So in the past few weeks I've been shopping around when I've had a few minutes on lunch breaks and days off, and these are some of the things I've bought! 

As mentioned in the last post, I went into H&M to see which bright jumper I liked best and ended up buying the first one I picked up! I fell in love with it instantly and it's an amazing neon peachy-type colour in an over-sized loose knit. 

H&M, £14.99

Next, I went to Primark and also saw these shorts as soon as I walked in the door! I'm not sure exactly when I was thinking I could wear them at the moment (haha) but possibly on a night out, or with tights!? If not, they'll just have to stay stashed away until the sun comes out! They're an acid wash ripped/frayed denim with some (really big!) silver studs on the left-hand side and I just thought they were too cool to resist!

Primark, £12

I also wanted a turquoise/mint-coloured jumper, and I found this thin one for a really good price also in Primark that I thought was perfect! I bought it in a size up so it would also be slouchy.

Primark, £6

I saw these boots ages ago but just didn't want to commit at the time! When I realised how much I needed some nice black ankle boots, I finally went ahead and bought them online, as the ones in-store only had a beige heel but I wanted the all-black version. They're perfect for going for a nice meal or drinks, and they're also so comfy which is worth a mention!

New Look, £24.99

I saw this black wet-look skater skirt online and thought it was such a bargain, I didn't hesitate adding it to the basket. I thought it would be so versatile and easy to wear for nights out.

Missguided, £9.99

I was going into H&M quite a few weeks ago now to return something, and spotted this really cute blazer on sale for only £10 - bargain! I ended up swapping my return for this which I was really pleased with. I loved the colour blocking on it as I thought it was still smart, but fashionably different.

H&M, £10 (Sale)

I love the stretchy tops that Jack Wills do, and they usually bring out a few different ones every year and they always come in useful. I thought this season's was really cute, and I loved the colours and floral design.

Jack Wills, £34.50

Jack Wills also have really nice fashionable tops throughout the year, and I loved this one and thought the navy was something different and the lace was really pretty for wearing to nice occasions! 
Jack Wills, £59.50

I know everyone has this bag, and I'm obviously no different, but I really love it and it's so versatile. Nude and gold will go with nearly everything I have for a night out, and it's also a bargain! As you can tell, I love items that I can use over and over again with loads of looks, and I usually stay away from the more risky fashion trends/items as I hate buying things I know I won't wear! 

Primark, £6

I bought this belt with my Missguided order as I thought it would be useful, and I've wanted a nice but inexpensive studded belt for a while now so I committed to this one!
Missguided, £4.99

This necklace is another Primark buy, and I've seen this style of necklace on a couple of people and wanted my own. Primark is perfect for having cheap items that let you try out a trend and see what you like! I'm a sucker for a bargain, too!

Primark, £2 (ish!)

So there are a few of the things I've bought so far as we transition into spring! What have you been buying so far, and what're your favourite items!?


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