Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Perfume Collection Update: Miss Dior

Sooo.. the latest addition to my perfume collection is probably the most exciting yet - I finally have a bottle of 'Miss Dior'! This perfume has been on the top of my wishlist for SO long now, but it was always that little bit too expensive or seemed that little bit too extravagant to get as a present or buy for myself.. until now!

 I got this for Valentine's Day, and there was a 10% off promotion on in Boots at the time on fragrance which was great, and I also offered to put in £10 to get the 50ml size instead of the 30ml (I know it was my present, but I'd rather contribute a tiny bit to get nearly 50% more!). It's such a feminine fragrance that, in my opinion, is kind of a classic now and coveted by many! It was originally 'Miss Dior Cherie' but got renamed 'Miss Dior' for the modern era, and its original that it stemmed from has now become 'Miss Dior Originale' (the 1947 verison) and is a yellowy colour as opposed to the current 'Miss Dior' which is light pink in colour. 

It was only launched in 2005, which is ridiculous to think as it has accumulated such a cult status after only a few years! I got the eau de parfum version, but I believe there are also eau de toilette and le parfum versions as well. It has essence of Indian patchouli base notes, Arabian jasmine absolute heart notes, and essence of Italian mandarin top notes according to the Dior website. They also use phrases such as "bold and elegant" and "timeless chic", which could be translated as classic, noticeable and feminine, all of which I completely agree with. I'm so pleased I finally have a bottle, and I'm so in love with it already!

The packaging is also really cute; the box is a textured pink cardboard with silver script mimicking the bottle, which is a classic cuboid shape with the same script on it and a silver bow for the lid - adorable! Worth the money (it retails at £64 for 50ml at Boots currently) and one that I know I will buy again and again. 

Have you ever tried Miss Dior? What's your ultimate favourite scent?!


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