Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Love Her Style: Jessica Alba

My long-standing girl crush on Jessica Alba has come to fruition in this post, which will see me drooling over various clothes she puts on her amazing body, and generally make me look like I'm in love with her! I'm pretty sure I first self-diagnosed myself with Alba-itis when I saw 'Honey' (and those abs), which was obviously every teenage girl in the noughties' favourite film - that and Mean Girls (duh). Ever since then I've noticed Jessica's street style cred get better and better, and I'm definitely not alone. Her selfless contribution to best-dressed lists worldwide has enabled her to achieve the current hardcore girl crush status she has!

Starting off with my favourite look of hers, Jessica caught everyone's eye when she left a Ralph Lauren show in a candy pink midi skirt, cropped black jumper and strappy sandals. Her simple up-do, sparkly earrings and nude lip accessorise this look into the next level of best-dressed lists. Looking like America's sweetheart, never has the word perfection been so well personified!?

Next is total girlish charm in this asymmetrical black top, floral skater skirt and boots combo. Complete tomboy schoolgirl chic, she still looks like she means business with her folder and iPhone to boot. 

 Yep. Then there's the body. Just let this one sink in for a while. Totally cute bikini too, by the way.

This look is so easy and understated, but Jessica can pull off just about anything and make it look ridiculously good. Over-sized scarves are something of her trademark, and this casual bad girl outfit is so cool, and very easy to recreate! Black and grey are the subtle grungy tones of the look, but her lime Birkin adds a pop of colour, and those heavy studs add the fashion edge.

This look is so great for its simplicity, and is useful as outfit inspiration for work, going shopping or going out for dinner. On-trend neon peach makes this look stand out, but keeps the rest totally simple with a white shirt, dark jeans and nude wedges.

Yep, there it is again. She even looks fantastic at the beach (unlike some of us, who tend to be frizzy-haired, red-faced horror stories with a patchy burn) with a fringed turquoise kimono, straw hat and minimalist jewellery.

I love this. Powder blue and black combine in one serious working woman floral get up. So professional and stylish at the same time. *Googles floral trousers*

More down days are spent in comfy fabrics with more over-sized scarves to keep it casual and cosy. A palette of white and beige lets her olive skin and brunette locks do the talking as she looks bright, fresh and relaxed.

Which of these is your favourite look? Whose style are you loving lately?!


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