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Perfume Collection | My Favourite Scents

Perfume is one of my favourite beauty products. I love how fragrance has the power to take you back to a place or a memory, or remind you of a certain person or time of year. I worked on a perfume counter when I was eighteen as a Saturday job, and that's when I really noticed perfume properly and fell in love with it forever! My earliest memory of perfume is of my Mum, as she always wears Jean Paul Gaultier's 'Classique' - it holds such a strong connection to her that whenever I smell it that I can't disassociate her from it in my mind! This post is about my favourite scents that I've discovered in the past few years.

1. The first one is 'Chloé' by Chloé. I received this from my boyfriend a few years ago for my birthday. Chloé has been my favourite fashion house since I've been about fifteen so I was really excited to try their original scent when it came out. As soon as I smelled it, I loved it. I'd hinted about it before my birthday, and luckily it was picked up on! It reminds me of visiting him at university as I always used to pack it in my weekend bag. It's a quite distinctive, feminine, floral fragrance with a base note of honey; rose heart notes; and top notes of lychee. 

2. My next favourite in my collection is 'Stella' by Stella McCartney. Similarly to Chloé, Stella McCartney was one of my favourite designers and so I was very keen to try the signature scent. I got this one for a Christmas present a couple of years before 'Chloé'. I've had it for so long now, but I've made it last because I love it so much that I don't want it to run out! It's such a unique fragrance and I think it's one of those ones that I'll always have to have a supply of! It is also floral, with amber base notes; rose absolute heart notes; and rose, peony and mandarin essence top notes. This one reminds me of winter time, and is my favourite winter scent.  

3. Next up is 'Le Parfum' by Elie Saab. This is another fragrance I asked my boyfriend for and he got me it as a present! It's quite a feminine, sensual, sweet, floral scent that lasts all day long. I love this perfume so much and it reminds me of my birthday/Autumn time. This one has base notes of rose and honey; gardenia heart notes; and top notes of mandarin blossom. One woman even stopped me at work when I was wearing this and asked what fragrance I was wearing since she liked it that much! 

4. 'Golden Delicious' by DKNY is my most recent fragrance, which I got for the Christmas just gone. I got the eau de parfum version (which almost all of my perfumes are) and it's so long lasting from just one spray which I think is excellent value for money! It's fruity and more floral than the original 'Be Delicious'. It has base notes of musk, sandalwood and beachwood; heart notes of white rose, casablanca lily and vanilla orchid; and top notes of orange flower water and golden apple. I haven't had time to see what this one brings up memories of yet but I'm sure it'll be winter/Christmas time (maybe spring) seeing as I'm wearing it all the time lately!

5. I discovered Burberry's 'The Beat' when I was eighteen working on that fragrance department, and I don't think it's a very well known fragrance and doesn't have the recognition I think it deserves! It's very rich and fruity/floral again, and is quite young. Along with 'Stella', it's one of the more heavier fragrances in my collection. It has base notes of light musk, vetiver and cedar; heart notes of cardamom, pink pepper and mandarin; and top notes of ceylon tea, bergamot, iris and bluebell. Complex! This is my second bottle of this one as I had to replace it because I love it so much, so I asked my mum for another 50ml for my birthday. It reminds me of spring/easter time as that's when it came out and I wore it constantly when I first bought it!

6. 'Dior Addict 2' by Christian Dior is my party fragrance! I've had this once since I was about seventeen and I think this is my third bottle. It reminds me of going on holiday and nights out, as I went on a clubbing holiday in 2007 and wore this every night! It has apparently been relaunched as 'Dior Addict Eau Fresh' (but I still have the '2' version) and instead of grapefruit as a top note, there's bergamot instead. This is a fresh, fruity kind of fragrance and is quite seductive and girly. It has white musk base notes, heart notes of grenadine and freesia, and citrus top notes as I've just mentioned!

7. Calvin Klein's 'CKIN2U For Her' is such a light-hearted, fun fragrance. This is my summer fragrance and reminds me of the heat - I've taken this on holiday with me the last few years. I find a lot of girls love this scent and it's a very popular one! It's perfect for those hot summer nights and those days when you don't want something too overwhelming but you want to smell amazing. It has neon amber base notes, sugar orchid heart notes and pink grapefruit top notes. I find this perfume is always great value for money so is a great everyday fragrance. 

8. Lastly, I have Hollister's 'So Cal' perfume, which I'm not sure if they directly make anymore, but it's available on a lot of websites still. I couldn't find specific product information for this one, but I think the base notes are amber, and the rest is quite floral. It really smells amazing! It's very beachy (as you'd expect) and very girly and sensual. This reminds me of visiting my boyfriend again, but slightly more recently! He bought me this one, too, for my 20th birthday.

So there you have it! There are a lot of perfumes from my collection - it's not all the ones I own but most of them. I've enjoyed doing this post as I've learnt a lot about what kinds of fragrance I like and what their ingredients are! Apparently I go for the fruity/floral combination haha. What are your favourite perfumes? Do you rate any of my favourites? 


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