Monday, 29 October 2007

Fashion's New Direction

I've been thinking (and along with that I also retracted my LCF descision), that I do not like the way fashion is going. First, it was starting to become uncool for a model to be smoking in pictures (thank god that quickly ebbed away - I'm so sick of this anti-smoking thing, and I don't even smoke!); then fur was a huge issue and some designers stated firmly that no dead animal was to be seen parading down their catwalk (despite the fact about twenty odd cows were going up and down in various forms of luxury leather handbags); and then this whole skinny issue with models, with it becoming official with Karl Lagerfeld banning a model from a show in the last season because she was too thin! Not that I'm for anerexia or anything, but for God's sake, I wish everyone would shut up and just let be!
End of thoughts/rant for today.. cough.


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