Tuesday, 9 April 2013


I feel like I haven't had time for any of my usual activities in the past couple of weeks, blogging definitely included.. I don't understand why because nothing has been that different! I suppose I haven't really had time to myself, to just check all those boxes. I was walking to my car yesterday evening, absolutely exhausted, and there was a really eerie feeling about the weather.. the wind was a swirling one that kind of stirred all the branches in the upper echelons of the trees and whipped your hair about your face, and the sky was a sunny sort of grey - the kind that looks like something is brewing, casting a peculiar light everywhere. It got me wondering if even the weather is sick of itself, and as if Spring is fighting a battle with a very stubborn Winter, trying to push its way through! I can't remember an Easter time so cold as this one has been. Everyone is more than ready for a Summery shift, hell, even a Spring-y shift will more than do to banish everyone's moods! So, the eternal British question remains - what exactly are you supposed to wear when you cannot stand the sight of another knitted jumper, winter coat or pair of boots but the weather is an ever-resilient 6 degrees celsius? Well, to be quite honest, I've been wearing whatever the heck I want - and paying the price. I can't remember when I last arrived somewhere from walking and wasn't shocking pink from the cold! This may all sound absolutely ridiculous, but I'm beyond caring anymore. Give my my over-sized tees, leather jacket and ballet flats! Hand me my sunglasses, fake tan and lacy tops! I am a British girl sick of the British weather! It really makes me wonder how everyone hasn't just emigrated entirely from places much colder than this all year round. So, enough of the rant-like tone that definitely wasn't intentional but is definitely present...Spring is here. Because I say so. Warmth will return to my limbs, eventually.


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