Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A cheeky MAC visit..!

Hey, I happened to recently acquire some new MAC goodies I have to show off (obvs)! I only bought two things (such self-restraint) but they're two products I really love..

Firstly is the lipstick. I wasn't really setting out to purchase a new lipstick as I'm not a massive lip colour person, and much prefer a nude lip, WHICH it turns out, is why this product suits me so well! It's exactly the kind of thing I was after, but without knowing it. It's a 'glaze' variety lipstick called 'Hue' and is just a pale baby/nude pink, but as it's a glaze, it applies very sheer and also quite shiny. This is perfect for me as I usually just use the tiniest amount of foundation on my lips (as they are naturally so red) and this lipstick adds a lovely moisturising finish to my everyday look! See the swatch and on-the-lips look below..

Next up is this beautiful shimmer blush named 'Trace Gold'. It's not my first shimmer blush I've had from MAC, but I was excited to try out a new colour. This adds a subtle glow and a nice sheen to my cheeks without being too overpowering (unlike the mineralize skinfinishes). I tried to get a good picture of it on my cheeks but just couldn't get the lighting quite right! This can be applied subtly or built up to create a more dramatic look. I know a lot of people prefer a shimmer blush in the evenings, but this is just right for creating that glowing day time look and is very easy to wear! It looks a lot more shimmery in real life than in this picture (lighting issues!).

What do you think of shimmer blushes and/or a nude lip? Are you a super fan of MAC like myself?!


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