Monday, 25 February 2013

Fashion Reads

I love books as much as I love fashion, so when they combine it's a winning combination in my eyes! Obviously there are thousands of fashion-related books on the market, but I just wanted to post about the ones I own and love, of all varieties. I love reading and collecting books of all kinds, and as I did a degree in English Literature my collection is pretty huge now as you can imagine! Books have gained huge popularity in the fashion world in the past few years, and I did a blog post in 2006 about books starting to emerge within the fashion genre at the time. 

The first few are non-fiction and 'The Fashion Book' is like an encyclopedia of all important and talented people/designers/brands/photographers/models within the fashion world and is great for covering the basics of their career and how they have made an impact on fashion. 'Style' is an incredibly well-known book from Lauren Conrad and covers the how-to genre. It covers basic style, beauty regime, how to shop tactics all inspired by Lauren's take on things. It is more geared towards teens I feel, but definitely has useful information in there, and as I love Lauren's classic California look, I couldn't pass up on tips on how to look like her! 'Dogs in Vogue' was a Christmas present from my Dad a few years ago. We have a collie/retriever cross, and I love all dogs, and I have been an extremely loyal subscriber to Vogue since 2005 so it couldn't be a more perfect combo! The title is self-explanatory, and this book features all the high end photography that has been in Vogue over the years featuring dogs.

Fash Non-Fiction

The next section I created is less about high end fashion, and is more about the fiction created or inspired as a result of the high fashion world. It's incredibly chick-lit heavy, but great reads all the same. 'Sex and the City' is an obvious classic and is about four women's experiences with men written in a unique style with plenty of fashion talk in between. In the TV series, fashion practically is its own character and features a lot more heavily. 'Gossip Girl' is a book series I loved reading in my late teens and follows the scandalous lives of upper class private-schooled teens in New York City. 'Shopaholic' is also a classic and follows a serial spender and her clothing best friends. 'The Carrie Diaries' is a prequel series to 'Sex and the City' and follows Carrie growing up and moving to New York as she enters the world of fashion.

Fash-Inspired Fiction

This last section is my favourite and features three books I love that all came about from blogging! 'The Sartorialist' you will undoubtedly have heard of and features all of Scott Schuman's most amazing street-style pictures he has posted on his blog. 'Style Diaries' is an encyclopedia of serious fashion bloggers around the globe and features pictures and descriptions of why you should go and check out their blogs. 'Facehunter', again, is another of the blogging elite and Yvan Rodic's book features all of his best photos from his favourite street style haunts, done in the most creative ways sometimes! More of a fashion-addict's picture book than a real book, but just as great in some ways!

Blogger books!

Have you ever given fashion books a go? What are your favourite fashion reads if so?


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