Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Love Their Style: Mary-Kate & Ashley

I have always loved Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen for as long as I can remember; right from when they did that 'It Takes Two' film (anyone else remember that?!), up until the current Elizabeth and James years! Essentially I have grown up with them, even though they're a few years older (making them way more cool when I was thirteen, obviously). I really wanted to do a style post on an Olsen, but picking a twin was way too hard as I love both their styles in different ways! Ashley was always the girlier twin (even when they were ten years old she was always the one dressed in pink, whereas Mary-Kate was dressed more in blues and greens - stalker alert!). I love her more feminine approach to dressing, and she always looks that little bit sleeker than MK. On the other hand though, Mary-Kate's grungier-at-times, slightly more relaxed approach is effortlessly enviable, and makes you wish you could throw on double denim and stacked wrist wear and look just as cool (so far I've just achieved looking a bit homeless). I love how well they complement each other though, and how they've developed such different yet equally desirable fashion sense after being styled identically for most of their lives! 

What do you think of the Olsens?! Who are your style icons?


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