Thursday, 4 September 2014

Reload & Ripped Jeans

So. It has been a while.

But it's good to be back! I miss blogging and it's definitely time to start doing things I love again. I had some time away from it again (for no reason in particular apart from life) but I feel like now is the right time to enjoy writing again. 

To kick things off..

It's technically autumn now. It's slowly getting chillier outside every morning. The shops are already bursting with their autumn collections ready for vulnerable, big-eyed clothes obsessives like myself to delve further into that overdraft/add a bit more to that pesky visa bill.
BUT - the one thing that is everywhere is the modern girl's best friend - denim. It's having a moment, and so am I. I was made for the 90s fashion come back that is happening right now!

I am in love with ripped jeans, but am yet to find that perfect pair anywhere! I'm obsessed with their easy cool vibe and how showing that little bit of thigh in the right place can be just the right amount of skin for autumnal English daily life. Anything that is comfortable to wear and on-trend has got to be a winner, right? (I'm looking at you, crop tops.)

Also on the hot list are boyfriend jeans. Again, I am yet to find a perfect pair (although Topshop were so close!). Best of all is obviously to combine both trends in one pair. Again, even easier to wear than the standard ripped skinny; boyfriend jeans are ridiculously old school cool but you can add that modern twist with a slouchy loose knit jumper/Ray-Bans/midi rings. Worn here with a (albeit studded) strappy shoe has the 90s tween inside me squealing with excitement. Recycled fashion is the best because of the memories a trend can carry (although if my mother comments how she has "several pairs of those somewhere still" once more, I might reconsider).

Do you love the ripped jeans/boyfriend jeans trend? 
What're your perfect pair of jeans? (And where did you get them?!) 


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